The mission of Memory Builders is to create spaces for you to build lasting memories. We know that the home is the cornerstone of your life and our goal is to make it a warm and comfortable space to fit your style. We build new custom homes or renovate your home to fit the characteristics of its surroundings and to meet your family’s needs. Whether those surroundings are in the heart of Houston Heights or around the corner in River Oaks, we can transform your home to match any architectural style.

Building a new custom home or undertaking a remodeling project is an exciting and important endeavor. Memory Builders wants your experience to be as smooth and enjoyable as possible.  For this reason we assign a dedicated project manager to you with the goal of ensuring there is two-way communication at all times. Whether you are at home, at work, on the road, or on vacation, your Memory Builders dedicated project manager is available to answer your questions.

To ensure your project information is always current it is maintained on our secure CoConstruct website. This information includes your project vision, goals, financial decisions, questions, selections, upgrades, documents, photos, and schedules for our team of trades and vendors. We encourage you to ask us questions anytime.

Quality Guaranteed – We are passionate about delivering high-quality, custom-built homes and remodel projects. Your dream home deserves to be of the highest caliber and built to last for a lifetime. Whether it is a large or small-scale project, modern or period home, we aim to exceed your expectations.

Impeccable Craftsmanship – Your home deserves the best. We have built the Memory Builders team by carefully selecting the most skilled, well-credentialed and experienced trade professionals.

Excellence in Project Management – From project commencement through to completion, Memory Builders commits to open and frequent communication so that you can be sure we are building the home you have envisaged. We will work with you so that “the details” are given the strongest consideration, and the solutions we develop deliver on your expectations.

Our Commitment– We undertake your work with a total commitment to producing a superbly finished, quality home. We understand and respect the financial and emotional investment you have in your project, and we are committed to keeping you updated with progress every step of the way.

Memory Builders is proud of the awards we have received.

Meet the Team

Brent Zuber, Memory Builders Owner

Brent Zuber moved to Houston, Texas in 2010 and launched Memory Builders shortly thereafter. Brent developed a unique Memory Builders collaborative culture and approach to the custom home building process that results in successful projects. Brent began in construction in 2004 with a Fortune 500 company that builds a minimum of 5,500 homes a year. Read more.

Greg Burda, Sales Manager

Greg joined Memory Builders in March 2021 as Sales Manager. After 20 years in the construction building process, Greg spent the past several years improving his knowledge and skills in customer service. Now Greg works on sales and projects guiding clients on how to get their projects from a dream, to reality. Read more.

Reed Squyres, Custom Homes Project Manager

Reed joined Memory Builders in 2016 as a Custom Homes Project Manager. Reed is involved in all aspects of the Memory Builders process for each project. Beginning with pre-construction process, estimating and scheduling, Reed stays involved with all stakeholders through the entire building process to ensure it meets client expectations. Read more.

Brooke Stoerner, Project Coordinator

Brooke joined Memory Builders in 2017 as a Custom Homes Project Coordinator. Brooke ensures the Memory Builders design client experience exceeds expectations throughout the entire project. Brooke’s unique focus is collaborating with architects, clients and contractors on all aspects of the design process to ensure the client’s vision is realized. Read more.

Gama Velasco, Superintendent

Gama joined Memory Builders in 2019 as a Custom Homes Superintendent. Gama comes from a family of custom residential company specializing in hardwood floors, drywall, and painting. Gama started working at a young age sanding baseboards to finishing custom homes to the last detail. With more than 20 years of experience, Gama has had the opportunity to bring back to life many historic homes in the Heights area. Read more.

Our Core Values

We are a small, experienced and highly focused team. Our core values guide our firm’s actions, unite our employees and define our brand. We ensure the highest level of collaboration with everyone involved in the project from start to finish. We respect our clients and team members.

Trusted Trades & Vendors