Over the years, artificial grass has generally gotten a bad rep, often seen as a tacky alternative to its natural competitor. However, with enhanced technology, this landscape choice has improved by leaps and bounds (see our interview with Helms Landscape Design), offering a realistic alternative that can fool your neighbors into thinking you have the real thing.

But in addition to the improved aesthetics, artificial grass also offers a plethora of value-added benefits that will make you take a second look. Below are just five of these benefits:

  1. Huge savings

Did you know that on average, just one square foot of grass requires fifty-five gallons of water every single year? And if you’re experiencing a prolonged heat wave with no rain in sight, get ready to feel it when they come to check your meter. So if you’re looking to put a huge dent in your water bill (while being eco-friendly), artificial grass offers big long-term savings.

  1. Good for the environment

On top of the savings from using less water, you’ll be doing your part to help save the planet in other ways by installing artificial grass. No more gas powered lawn mowers, no more pesticides and no more fertilizers!

  1. Little maintenance

With a turf that is designed to last up to a generation, all you need is a push broom and a little water to keep it maintained. Replace those hours you would spend pulling out weeds and putting down fertilizer and use it for something less back-breaking!

  1. Safer lawns

If you have children who like to play outside, artificial grass (when installed properly) offers a surface that kids are far less likely to trip on and injure themselves. Also, with no chemicals being applied to your grass, an artificial lawn is a much safer alternative for youngsters.

  1. Animal friendly

Is your lawn attracting pests, which in turn attracts other unwanted critters? What about your dog who is constantly digging up and destroying your well manicured lawn? With an artificial alternative, you no longer have to worry about either. Dogs usually ignore it and pests generally steer clear of any faux blades of grass.