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Maintenance Packages

Wouldn’t it be nice if you had someone checking in on your house on a monthly or quarterly basis, making sure they proactively spot and fix these problems before it’s too late? If you answered yes, read on to discover more about the home maintenance service packages we offer in providing year-round home maintenance, so you have a worry-free home that is increasing in value.


Ten Tips to Keep Raccoons Away

It’s every homeowner’s worst nightmare. After a hard day’s work, you and the family are relaxing quietly at home and all of a sudden you hear a loud growling followed by the sounds of clawed feet racing across your property. Raccoons, these nocturnal masked bandits have successfully penetrated your house.


5 Tips On How to Declutter Before a Renovation

It’s a daunting task. After endless neglect and an “out of sight, out of mind” mentality, that special room in your house that’s been used to store everything from old clothes to “some day I might need that” items must be cleaned out – once and for all! You know that no contractor is going to step foot inside until you’ve de cluttered the entire space from top to bottom.


3 Things to Consider Before Installing a Bathtub

It’s official – America has fallen in love again with the bathtub! As coronavirus lockdowns eliminate many of our leisurely pursuits, the idea of lying comfortably in a serene warm tub as the minutes pass by has been rediscovered by a large segment of the population (especially Millennials in need of a cheap activity). 


5 Things to Consider Before Building a Walk-In Closet

It’s no secret that a walk-in closet is a major selling point guaranteed to increase the resell value of your home. With every couple looking for more and more space to store their ever growing wardrobe of suits, dresses and shoes, a spacious and luxurious closet, according to one source, adds between two to three times the cost to your bottom line.


5 Tips for Building a Home Wine Cellar

It’s been called the Ferrari of home renovation. A castle fully loaded with a room where you can impress your friends by tasting the very best vintages from around the world. Whether it’s converting unused closet space or building a cavernous escape from the daily grind that’s worthy of being on Houzz.com, adding a custom built wine cellar is guaranteed to add value to your property.


5 Ways to Protect Your Home from Mice

With winter on the horizon, it’s time to protect your home from mice. According to one pest control service, the city of Houston is ranked as the twentieth worst city for rodents in America. And of course, whether it’s them gnawing on your electrical wires or carrying (and spreading) many diseases including Salmonella, the threat to your house is very real.


5 Tips for Creating a Home Gym

As fitness centers across the country closed their doors this year with the spread of covid-19, it comes as no surprise that many health enthusiasts decided to take matters into their own hands by building home gyms. According to several reports, major retailers have seen an unprecedented surge in fitness equipment with some experiencing triple-digit growth.


5 Things to Consider Before Building a Home Office

Ever since the Covid-19 pandemic arrived on our shores, the way America works has changed drastically. According to one survey, the number of people working from home went up 17% since the beginning of the year with nearly half of all U.S. workers telecommuting more than five days per week.

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