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Project Management

We believe communication and people skills are the most important human factors for project success. For that reason, we develop excellent relationships with our clients and the sub-contractors assigned to the project.


Instant Value Package

This package includes general services, interior services, exterior services and handyman services. It was designed for those that prefer to work on a schedule with a contractor and their established ‘expert’ trade community.


Brent Zuber, Owner

Brent Zuber moved to Houston, Texas in 2010 and launched Memory Builders shortly thereafter. Brent developed a unique Memory Builders collaborative culture and approach to the custom home building process that results in successful projects. Brent began in construction in 2004 with a Fortune 500 company that builds a minimum of 5,500 homes a year.


Greg Burda, Sales Manager

Greg joined Memory Builders in March 2021 as Sales Manager. After 20 years in the construction building process, Greg spent the past several years improving his knowledge and skills in customer service. Now Greg works on sales and projects guiding clients on how to get their projects from a dream, to reality.


Brook Stoerner, Project Coordinator

Brooke joined Memory Builders in 2017 as a Project Coordinator. Brooke ensures the Memory Builders design client experience exceeds expectations throughout the entire project. Brooke’s unique focus is collaborating with architects, clients and contractors on all aspects of the design process to ensure the client’s vision is realized.


Gama Velasco, Superintendent

Gama joined Memory Builders in 2019 as a Superintendent. Gama comes from a family of custom residential company specializing in hardwood floors, drywall, and painting. Gama started working at a young age finishing custom homes to the last detail. With more than 20 years of experience, Gama has had the opportunity to bring back to life many historic homes in the Heights area.


Custom Homes

Every day is a constant reminder of how great our homes can be. And just think of how stunning a home can be if it is custom built to your specifications. Whether it’s a stairway banister or a spacious living room that enhances a view, your memories will be cherished by both friends and family for generations.


Remodel & Renovate

As you begin to notice certain things around the house that may have escaped you throughout the year. “I wish we had more space in the living room for our home office.” Sound familiar? If there ever was a time to get the ball rolling on remodeling or renovating your home, this is the time.


Home Maintenance

There’s nothing worse than something happening to your home right before a big event. Actually, any time! Whether it’s a leaky roof, a garage door that won’t close or a problem with the heating, getting someone to make a service call can be very difficult. But more important are two key benefits received by regular maintenance, reduced costs and increased home value.



The scope for this project was to fully remodel the existing 1328 SF residence built in 1931, and expand with a 1085 SF addition. Due to the historic classification the windows of the existing building were untouched, but some glass had to be replaced with original wavy glass.

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